I started 2022 with the intent to kickstarting the year on the right foot. I wanted to improve and have this year be the best I’ve had yet, to be proud of every daily drawing I did. And I see a shift in my art now looking back. I can still see plenty of times where I know I was low on time. But, even now, I like many of these drawings more than the previous year.

Instead of just focusing on drawings faster, I focused on creating better art in the same time frame. At this point, I started to get into the groove of a drawings taking me around 15-30 minutes. The more detailed ones, especially with non-silhouetted characters, could take around 1-1.5 hours. Instead of trying to find more time to draw, I focused on using that time as efficiently as possible and create higher quality drawings in that restriction. And while there are still many drawings I think are subpar to my standards both then and now, I can see where many of my sensibility and style came from. I can see the techniques and shorthands I’m now fond of starting to form and take shape.