In 2019, I started this project of daily drawings. I had my inspirations, but mostly, I was tired of wanting to create but not doing anything. I had posted drawings on and off for a while. I tried committing to two drawings per week, slipped to one per week, and then ended up being happy with one per 2-3 weeks. As an artist, I wasn’t improving, I wasn’t creating. I was stagnant.

And so I started with an October drawing challenge to get the ball rolling. Having done these daily challenges before, I knew it was possible for me to keep up. And I managed to do it again this year. But this time, I thought, “Why stop with October?” And so I started drawing and posting daily with the intent to see how long my streak could go.

At this point, I didn’t expect to be doing this years later, although I secretly hopped I might be able to one day. But I thought I could hit maybe 2 months of daily drawings at least. If I was really diligent, I might close out the year.

Looking back at these drawings, I’ll be the first to say that they suck. But that’s only because I’ve stuck to the process long enough to have improved. The fact that I can look back at these drawings and look at all of the short comings and failures is something I’m very proud of. I’m so grateful to these first drawings and the artist that decided to take that personal leap.